Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Rhinotones e-Hospital

Information Technology has been expanded greatly lately. This expansion, also has affected Hospital Information System technology.
Rhinotones from PT.Rent@Soft, Semarang, Indonesia, has been launched to implement e-Technology combine with WEB Based Technology into Hospital Information System industry.
These combination is very effective and efficient to overcome common problems.
These Added Values are :
1. It supports Multi-Platform environment, Clients can be run under
   Windows, Linux, Unix, via Symbian in Hand Phone (HP) or even
   MACs PDA. Because of this advantage, users can use not only licensed
   Operating System, but also freeware Operating System, like Linux.
2. Can be operated Anywhere and Anyplace. Transparent locations to
   many users. Available all time (24 hr / d).
3. Can be operated in On-Line and Real Time manner. Branches' Data
   Input from various locations in all part of the world, can be
   monitored in Head Office in Real Time manner. So it's very
   useful for Hospitals or Clinics with many branches, in all part
   of the world.
4. Can be operated with various input media, like : computers, PDA,
   HP and also various transfer media, like : radio wave, micro
   wave or terrestrial.

Besides these technological advantages, PT.Rent@Soft is also gives many flexibility to users / clients, like :
1. Flexible Terms of Payment (TOP), payment can be made via Rental or Buying method.
2. Rhinotones is Verified and Certified by Lion-bridge, Singapore (International Certification). http://www.windowsservercatalog.net/results.aspx?&text=Rhinotones+2.1&bCatID=1282&cpID=0&ocID=&OR=5&PGS=25

3. 24 hr On Line Supports and Internationally Certified Staffs.
4. Certified Microsoft and Oracle Partner.

Because of these advantages, surely Rhinotones is one of the best choice at this time, and surely can be considered for Information Technology Operation for Hospital s, Clinics or any other Health Industries.

Brochures can be downloaded here

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