Saturday, September 8, 2007

can't access tty (ubuntu 7.04)


setelah ngubek2x forum yg ada di jagat maya, dan upaya yg pantang menyerah (…alias penasaran)
akhirnya problem kasus g terselesaikan… alhamdulillah…
dalam kasus g lohh..
-- cant access tty (pas booting dari live cd) à solved
-- undetected hard drive à solved (dah diinstal ke hardis n lancar2x aje)

spek kompie:
MB Gigabyte 8KNXP; proc intel 3 Ghz; ram 512; hardis PATA maxtor 80 g (prim. Master); dvdrw TEAC (sec. master); dvdrom pioneer (sec. slave); fdd;
Partisi 1 : winxp (primary-NTFS)
Partisi 2 : winxp (primary-NTFS)
Partisi 3 & 4 : buat dokumen (extended-logical---Fat32)
Sisanye buat linux

Langkah2xnya :
if you are getting this error (and you have a SATA harddrive); this is the fix: (walaupun hardis g PATA……. dicoba aje..)

At the LiveCD initial boot screen:
o Select F6 for more options
o Add the following option to the beginning of the options list:
o Press enter to start booting
Ubuntu will start booting, but kick you out to a command prompt; at the prompt type these two commands:
modprobe piix

You will now boot into the LiveCD normally.

If you choose to install from the LiveCD, you must make the following modifications (or else your installed system will not be able to boot, just like the LiveCD):
o Make note of the device id of the partitions that were used to install (such as /dev/hda1)
-- if you choose to install the '/boot' mount from a different partition make note of it as well (this would be done from the manual partition selection); just a side note -- if you do this, make sure the boot partition is at least 50MB or the install will error at grub setup
o When the install is complete do not reboot -- stay in the LiveCD
o Open a terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal)
o You must now mount the installed partitions by typing the following (assuming the install was to /dev/hda1; otherwise replace '/dev/hda1' with the install partition) commands:

mkdir target
sudo mount /dev/hda1 target

*if you also created a boot partition issue (replace /dev/hda2 with the boot partition) the command:
sudo mount /dev/hda2 target/boot

sudo chroot target

o You will now be in a 'chroot' command prompt for your new ubuntu system (be careful here, you are editing with root access!)
o You must edit the /etc/initramfs-tools/modules file; adding a line with the word: piix
-- you should do this with your favorite unix editor; or simply type the command:
echo piix >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
o After modifying the file you must update the system with the command
update-initramfs -u
o When complete, type 'exit' to exit the chroot env; you can now close the Terminal and reset your system.

Now when you boot you will be in your new shinny Ubuntu system!

Credit goes to --> pumalite --> hbjason

Semoga dpt membantu

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