Saturday, February 2, 2008

Friday, Feb 2 2008, Jakarta Near to Sunk

After hard rain in Jakarta - Bogor, the flood make Jakarta like sinking. Picture at left side come from DetikFoto, about a man with his motorcycle under the water. Very terrible situation in there. I think, if you stay at Jakarta, I mean live in Jakarta, you should invest speed boat.
The flood is always happen in rainy season (primarily in peak of season). Bad water management or unmanaged building development will trap water, that should be flow to the sea.


endroo G said...

hello.... can you update a bit on how's the situation of the flood there?

Has the water subsided??? Do you have more pictures?

bagusalfa said...

Almost all area of Jakarta got impact of the flood, including Electrivity and Telecommunication Facilities (Flexi & Speedy , PT. Telkom). Tol (Highway) to Cengkareng Airport, still sealed by flood (70 - 80 cm), 4 hours ago. Jakarta still got hard rain, about 1 hours ago. Fortunately, Rain in Bogor have already stop, (no flood from Bogor). Katulampa water gate indicate situation (water indicator) is normal. Another picture (Thursday):