Sunday, December 30, 2007

Traffic in related to Search Engine

Search Engine is services that deliver list of result based on our keywords that we give to them. Suppose we type “Breaking News” , then search engine try to find closest result that could be related to our hope. An URL can display in top position , depends on how many people keying “Breaking News”, then click to redirect its URL. In that condition we said that this URL has closest relationship with keyword “Breaking News”. You can prove it to find this blog by search keyword “PLTN” in Google (mainly in Indonesia geo-position), then this blog will be display in First Page.

What is benefits , an URL placed on Top Rank ? If your site is not only included within the search engine index but also occupies one of the top positions, you will attract a large amount of visitor traffic. Your target audience is motivated and defined. If they find highly relevant sites at the beginning of their search, they are far more likely to visit sites and buy goods or services.

Why we still need professional help for optimizing our site into top rank ?

Whether you have optimized your site for your principal keywords or not, it is recommended to hire a company that specializes in search engine optimization and web site marketing. Search engines change their algorithms (site recognition formula) all the time, which causes web site ranking to change. SEO companies track all these changes and are equipped to adjust client web sites accordingly.

Traficare is a seo specialist with a highly skilled team of seo expert who combine a
range of Internet skills: campaign management, design, information research, and marketing writing. This seo company provide professional helps to applying a range of optimization and promotional techniques. They develops a smart system for feeding focused and quality traffic to web sites. Focused means selected web site visitors who are directed to a specific target. So, the Ads or the site presented to the surfer is highly relevant according to the search terms that the used. Why Google become a winner Search engine defeating competitor? Because Google has smart algorithm to find specific topics needs by customer, people that using search engine.

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