Sunday, December 16, 2007

From AS/400 legacy program Consume by Java

Legacy AS/400 program can be expose as Web Service. Web Service like component that can we consume by our Java application. Development Tools like Netbeans 6 demonstrating 'easy to use' , I mean to consume Web Service. With Netbeans 6 (actually from Netbeans 5) , consume Web Service just in a few steps. Exposing legacy AS/400 programs as a Web service, can using IBM Toolbox. If you want to Learn how to expose old RPG and COBOL programs as Web services so that any simple Web service client can use it , then you can follow this link :

So, Accessing legacy applications on AS/400 from our application in Java can using Web services.
How it could be done ? It can be done with IBM Toolbox for Java (JTOpen).
JTOpen is is the set of Java application program interfaces (APIs) exposed by IBM to open up the legacy world of iSeries. To encourage open systems and cross-platform development, JTOpen is distributed for free and is open source. JTOpen contains APIs to execute programs, commands, access data queues/data areas, and so forth on iSeries using Java programs. This article provides a new dimension to expose Legacy AS/400 elements to the open world.

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